Everything I need to know about doing my job, I (re)learned by spinning at Turntable.fm

You have to have a sense for your current audience; just replaying what rocked in another room is a recipe for fail — Amazing ideas are almost obvious, from the first time you experience them — There are an infinite number of ways to succeed… but it’s still rarely easy — Almost everything done alone is better when done with others — It takes a lot of time to be awesome, but you can be lame in moments. Also it’s harder to go from lame to awesome, than unknown to awesome.  — You do your best work in a place that makes you smile, that you have a feeling and a passion for.  — Magic can come from being first with new stuff, but a better plan might be getting a feel for what works, mastering that while amping it up just a bit, and cutting loose more and more once you have their trust. — Anyone can be a practitioner and follow the rules to get points, make money. But if you’re an artist, you’ll dominate over those people every time. — On the web and in front of the turntable, long-term brand success is about relationships, conversation, and making people smile. — New forums for your art are opening up all the time. — Once you put your own stuff up for the world to experience, it’s there for someone else to use, maybe better than you did. Learn from this. — Sometimes all you have to do to start over is don a new name, new avatar, and a new outlook. — Create a space where people can enjoy themselves, invest, and bring their culture in with them; they’ll repay you with loyalty. — A blend of familiar favorites and newness that appeals is intoxicating. — Starting with a huge base of fans doesn’t insure success… but it rarely hurts. — The tools for success are all around you, free for the taking. You just need the guts to step up, read the crowd, and put yourself out there. -– know thyself; figure out how you’re unique, and use your art and that of others to work your magic upon the world.

He wear no shoe shine, he got
toe-jam football, he got
monkey finger,
He shoot
He say ‘I know you, you know me;
One thing I can tell you is you got to be free.’

by: Pete Simon
The SHCizzle at Turntable.fm

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