The Name Game

experience designer, user experience architect, information architect, web designer, user interaction designer, user interface designer, GUI designer

For such a relatively young profession, what a crazy list of names.  But, if you were to talk to anyone who claims one of these titles as their profession, you will find a lot of commonality. Yes, there are outliers or people with additional skill sets, but the core of what (I call them) user experience professionals you will find very similar definition of what they do. A short list of definitions, from grandiose to granular includes:

  • The UXA takes needs from the business and needs from the user and limitations of technology and combines them to deliver a holistic user experience.
  • A professional encapsulating the thoughts, emotions, and needs of users in comprehensive deliverables, while taking into account business requirements.
  • A user experience designer takes business requirements and goals, distills them through a framework of user-centric practices and subject-matter expertise to arrive at a solution that achieve the business goals through customer acceptance and use.
  • A UXA is an evangelist for our users, a thinker, an observer, a rationalist, and a doer. They bring rationality and reason to requirements for the sake of our customers.
  • A UXA is  role that pushes for change, and fights for ideas to make things better.
  • A UXA is a profession who develops the architecture of a product to meet the users goals.
  • A UXA is a designer who crafts a holistic experience across platforms. Understanding the needs and goals of the users and employing best practices in user experience.
  • Someone that architects a better flow, functionality, without causing a user to be frustrated or annoyed.
  • UXA is the communicator and user advocate whop helps plan how our users interact with our ecommerce platforms.
  • A defense attorney for the user.

Is it important that we agree on a common name?  I don’t think it’s that big of an issue. Those who are in the profession – even those in other disciplines – understand and empathize because they too have had different job titles (e.g. visual designer, graphic designer – or web developer, front end developer).  It’s more important to focus on what we do, and continue to hone our skills to be that advocate of the user and create useful and beautiful experiences.


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One Response to “The Name Game”

  1. Bethany Lankin
    July 9, 2012 at 6:05 pm #

    These are terrific. I will definitely use some of these when trying to explain to random party guests what I do for a living. Until now I have been mumbling about websites and then excusing myself to refill their drinks. No more! Thank you.