#TBT – The Evolution of Music Players at Sears

Sears has always been the go-to for electronics. Since the early 1900’s Sears has stayed on top of the latest trends in music players, from the gramophone, to the radio, to plastic cartridge players, to the latest in Hi-Fi, Stereos, record players, portable cassette players, and now mp3 players! The evolution is quite remarkable and Sears has been there every step of the way.

Check out this page from 1907! The Harvard Talking Machine.

1940s taking machine

The Silvertone Radio form the 30s.

1937_Sears_Page059 Radios

1950’s Silvertone Phono.

E1956 Sears Christmas Book page400 Phonos

1960’s Plastic Cartridge player, it would only play up to ten minutes of music.

1968 Sears Wish Book 556 Cartridge Player

!960’s Hi-Fi Record Player.

1968 Sears Wish Book 555 Hi Fi Record Player

1970’s Stereos, the got bigger and louder.

SearsWishbook.1971.P299 STEREO

Portable 1980’s players and cassette players.


The famous BOOMbox, from the 80’s.

SearsWishbook-1983-P416 BOOMBOX

Finally, the introduction of the CD! Digital sound which is still around.

SearsWishbook-1983-P408 CD Digital

Finally to today, check out out mp3 Players and docks.

Check out this guy from Jensen.


What device do you listen to music on these days? I use my smart phone quite a bit.





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