#TBT – Sears ‘Mad Men’ Fashion 1958

It’s #TBT time! Here we have some very colorful Mad Men Betty Draper style skirts from the 1958 Sears catalog. Sears was and still is the place to get the latest in fashion and at an affordable price.


1958 fashion for women was all about color. Vibrant yellow, orange, electric blue, royal purple, emerald green, firecracker red, magenta, fuchsia and bold pink. Color made black and navy the exception instead of the rule. The single favored neutral was every shade of beige and you could find it all at Sears.

In looking at these, I do wish this silhouette would come back, there is something so fun about the clothes back then. I think we can all thank Mad Men for that.

What’s your favorite ‘Mad Men’ fashion trend? Don’s hat? Sterling’s grey suit and sleek cut?


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One Response to “#TBT – Sears ‘Mad Men’ Fashion 1958”

  1. Karol Czyrka →
    March 10, 2014 at 12:14 pm #

    I do love the rich jewel tone colors. Black has become too embedded in our wardrobes.