#TBT – Sears and My Little Pony

As a self-admitted Brony, I am happy to say that I really like “My Little Pony”. There is a huge number of us out there, I promise! Google it! You’ll see!

My Little Ponies have been available at Sears since the 80’s and like most of the celebrities and toys of the 80’s have gone through a modern transformation. The new ponies look nothing like their early ancestors with the exception of still having their “cutie marks” on either side of their flanks.

Hasbro was smart in the re-branding and targeted new demographic groups such as teenage boys and adults, both men and women after the introduction of the fourth generation with this new “anime” style look and television show.

Here are a couple pages from our 1985 Wishbook:

SearsWishbook.1985EC.P504 My little PonySearsWishbook.1985EC.P505 my little pony

Here is what the ponies look like now:


You can really tell the difference and you can get these toys at Sears.

Here we have the Rainbow Princess Twilight Sparkle figure. Click on the image to buy her now!

My little pony new



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