#TBT – Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog Laserdisc

I think by now, you may have seen the ultimate in Sears TBT to hit YouTube. It was the first of it’s kind (and last), the first ever laserdisc catalog.

The YouTube video  is about 27  minutes long and the poster was smart to fast forward certain parts, but this video is definitely worth watching! It captures the feeling and aesthetic of the 80’s. A perfect time-capsule in what was considered cool.

Watch for fade outs and other video effects throughout, the swimsuit models running through walls is very realistic. Ha!

I have included a few screenshots of the laserdisc catalog below, my favorite has to be the shot of the flowers on the empty escalator. It’s very deep. Ha!

What is your favorite moment?

You can watch the catalog by clicking here or any of the images below:

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  1. Artie
    April 9, 2017 at 6:05 pm #

    We covl’due done with that insight early on.