#TBT – Men’s Sleepwear at Sears

Men’s sleepwear could be found in the Sears catalog since the early 1900’s. Actually then, night shirts were the rage. Pajamas came later, thanks to the British colonists who adopted the comfortable loose fitting attire from the Far East. This was in part due to the extreme heat. The pajama pant was brought over to England, quickly gaining popularity with men as a change from traditional nightshirts. Many of the original patterns of Indian pajamas came over as well, adding an element of style to the sleeping outfits.

Here we have an example of what night shirts looked like in  1975. Is that Luke Wilson on the left in the red striped number? I have to say I would totally buy these if they had them at Sears now. We need to bring these back A.S.A.P.

sleepwear mens

Pajamas Nightgowns


You can still get crazy patterned PJs at Sears today, check out the patriotic pair below by Covington and Joe Boxer.

What do you prefer to wear when you sleep?

EAGLE PJsJoe Boxer


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