#TBT – Halloween Costumes at Sears

With Halloween tomorrow, I thought it would be cool to look at the Halloween costumes from Sears’ past. There are still a few familiar costumes that seem to repeat themselves like cowboys, pirates, princesses and super heroes.

Here are a few pages from the Sears catalog from the 50’s.

Sears 1956


Superman and Batman are still popular, here we have some images from a 60’s catalog.


Superman Batman Vintage 1965

I see Evel Knievel, Plan in this groovy Halloween spread from the 70’s.


Sears Vintage 1975


This Jem costume was purchased at Sears, remember Jem? Truly outrageous!


Here we have a couple custums that we carry at Sears.com. See? Cowboys and Superheroes will always be present at any Halloween!

Click here to check out the selection for the whole family: http://www.sears.com/seasonal-halloween/b-1100109




Happy Halloween everyone!

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