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Soft Wear

Apparel, as a product type, is a tricky beast to sell.  In 2010, American households spent on average $1700.00 on apparel and related products. Just during the two Fashion Week events per year, 20 million dollars is pumped into the NYC economy. The amount of money spent marketing fashion is staggering; Vogue’s September issue alone […]

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Perfect Website Land

Good Design, I Will Fight For You!

In Perfect Website Land, design is simple and beautiful, with the perfect harmony of aesthetic and function. Content is relevant, wayfinding and shopping online is easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately, Perfect Website Land is often invaded by complicated content, making simplicity seem lost in a sea of confusion. One of the major challenges we face as designers is sorting […]

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Pretty Darn Powerful: How We Redesigned our PDP

At the heart of any retail endeavor are products. In 2012, a plan was hatched to overhaul the product description page template (or PDP) that serves Sears.com and Kmart.com. Today, the new PDP is a responsive design that serves upwards of 70 million products across 16 categories with even more to come. It is flexible enough […]

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

As I have mentioned in previous posts, UX standards are part of my general purview here at Sears. People are for, against, on the bandwagon, or off in left field with regard to following or even liking standards depending on the day or week – or, probably more accurately, the design problem they are trying […]

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Standards can be your friend if you let them

In a recent blog post, Animal, not Animal – a Standard for Addressing UX Standards, Tom talked about a system for tagging standards that could help communicate the current state and the evolution of them. He highlighted the breadth and depth of the various Sears Holdings Corporation websites and discussed how you can’t just do […]

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Animal, Not Animal – A Standard for Addressing UX Standards

So lets say you’re the very first zoologist on another planet.  Visiting humans gift you with theories unknown to your world – natural selection, extinction, exaptation, etc.  Of course as a scientist, you must prove these theories to your kind and you should probably avoid mentioning that aliens gave you the idea.  Unfortunately, you discover […]

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