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“What else?” and other magic words for getting users to talk

Last Friday I had some folks in the usability lab going through the latest designs for our Sears tablet experience.  We used the think-aloud protocol, which almost always means with a couple participants I had to ramp up the “so what’s going on right now?” reminders to keep talking. When people aren’t in the middle […]

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Mixeling it Up; a Little Reminder to Infuse some Fun

I have slightly redefined my role here at UX Sears. I now lead a team known as the Experience Frameworks team. We have a charter, thanks mostly for the work that  Tracy put into it. It is exciting as we further leverage our amazing research team and use their insights to drive our work around Patterns and Guidelines. […]

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Please Don’t Take the Name of the Customer in Vain

Your client says, “We are doing this for our customer.” Your response is somewhere between, “But, of course“ and ”Yay!” Then your customer continues,  “Our customers are visual, this visual navigation will be so much better.”  or  “Our customers told us they want to filter by these 25 different attributes.” You are just biding your […]

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