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#TBT – Sears and My Little Pony

As a self-admitted Brony, I am happy to say that I really like “My Little Pony”. There is a huge number of us out there, I promise! Google it! You’ll see! My Little Ponies have been available at Sears since the 80’s and like most of the celebrities and toys of the 80’s have gone […]

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#TBT – May the Force be with Sears – Star Wars and Sears Through the Years

The force has been strong with Sears since it’s very conception in 1977. You could find anything and everything Star Wars had out. From sleepwear for the entire family: To exclusive, only available at Sears toys, check out this “Cantina Adventure Set” that some lucky kiddo got for Christmas: In Fact, Star Wars was pretty […]

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#TBT – Kmart Throwback

We’ve had quite a few #TBT post for Sears, so know let’s give Kmart a turn. Check out what Kmart stores and ads used to look like back in the day. Kmart Store in the 70’s. Kmart Swimwear ad from the 60’s. Old store shots. My first Kmart visit was in Houston, Tx. I loved […]

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#TBT – A Very Brady Sears Throwback

It’s #TBT time! Checkout Sears in film. We have made a few cameos in movies and cartoons. One of the funniest, sunshiniest, was in The Brady Bunch Movie. It’s a Sunshine Day! What other movies or cartoons have you seen Sears in?          

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#TBT – Sears Stores in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

It’s that time again! #TBT and I thought I would search for images of Sears stores past and found some amazing vintage shots. There are a ton of sites, even some social site pages devoted solely to vintage Sears stores and even catalogs. It makes you realize how big a part of our lives Sears […]

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#TBT – ’80s Sears Commercials

Here is what our commercials were like in the 80’s when our tagline was “There’s more for your life at Sears!” Do you remember that? I certainly do. Check out some of the ones I found on YouTube. It’s incredible that people upload these still. It’s definitely a time stamp of what we all were […]

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