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Let’s Cooperate

Let’s start off with the best part of this blog post. Watch the following video. The Count’s first appearance on Sesame Street Back in 1972, the Count showed up on Sesame street. In this, his first appearance, Sesame Street again teaches us a valuable lesson. And, no, it’s not just about cooperation. What I love […]

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Mixeling it Up; a Little Reminder to Infuse some Fun

I have slightly redefined my role here at UX Sears. I now lead a team known as the Experience Frameworks team. We have a charter, thanks mostly for the work that  Tracy put into it. It is exciting as we further leverage our amazing research team and use their insights to drive our work around Patterns and Guidelines. […]

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I Dream of Focus

I Dream of Focus Like many, I have meetings to attend AND myriad project priorities that require research, thinking, and completion. With the advent of a culture hell-bent on information overload, the constant interruption of email, the de-volved brain’s propensity for seeking reward in the Facebook feed, and a seemingly teen-like need to connect via […]

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Design Thinking in Your Career : an interview with Tracey Lovejoy

What are the chances that there is another Tracey out there certified in coaching after a few decades of UX work, another Tracey focused on empowering UX Pros to their fullest capability? Those chances can’t be big, so it was a hoot to find Tracey Lovejoy, a talented and insightful Leadership and Career Coach who […]

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Feedback Friday @State St

The UX Research team might be small, 5 people, but they are very efficient. In one year, they can conduct about 150 studies which equates to 122,000 minutes of video of 6,000 shoppers. Tests of a wide variety – remote, in the lab, in the field – are conducted depending on the question being asked. At […]

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So, We’re Having a Session…

A Q&A session? Nope. A focus group? Nah. Whiteboarding, brainstorming, a jigsaw, team-building? Close, but not quite…..actually we’re having a jam session. With real musical instruments. Even got a banjo! It’s the first in what will hopefully be a series of after-work jam sessions / social events here at the Sears UX shop in downtown […]

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Congratulations, Your Meeting is No Longer Boring!

  Here’s a list I cobbled together about refreshing the way meetings are run. Maybe this will help your team find new ways to be productive and present. Perhaps laptops will actually close. Hopefully eyes won’t. And your employees will not only be engaged but will look forward to the next time you send a […]

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It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask

As I have mentioned in previous posts, UX standards are part of my general purview here at Sears. People are for, against, on the bandwagon, or off in left field with regard to following or even liking standards depending on the day or week – or, probably more accurately, the design problem they are trying […]

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Despite our Natural Fear of Change, We Still do It

Why do we resist change when someone else suggests it? Is is inherent in all of us just to be stubborn?  Is it pure human nature?  Is it because the person promoting the change doesn’t clearly articulate the benefits to us?  There have been many articles written about people resisting change and the potential trouble […]

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Moving Offices; how to Move the Culture, too

The inspiration for this post comes from a chat I recently had with Rod, the director of our Digital Innovation Group. While I have been tasked with helping to make sure our move to our new offices is seamless and fun, that the offices are clean and welcoming, and that everyone knows where they sit, […]

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