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#TBT – A Very Brady Sears Throwback

It’s #TBT time! Checkout Sears in film. We have made a few cameos in movies and cartoons. One of the funniest, sunshiniest, was in The Brady Bunch Movie. It’s a Sunshine Day! What other movies or cartoons have you seen Sears in?          

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#TBT – Sears Stores in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

It’s that time again! #TBT and I thought I would search for images of Sears stores past and found some amazing vintage shots. There are a ton of sites, even some social site pages devoted solely to vintage Sears stores and even catalogs. It makes you realize how big a part of our lives Sears […]

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#TBT – ’80s Neon at Sears

Okay, please don’t act like you haven’t noticed this trend is back. I mean it’s impossible not to notice. Every other thing that was cool in the ’80s was even more rad or awesome because you could see it in the dark or a mile away. ’80s retro is back and still cool and this […]

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Shop your way - the next Sears Roebuck & Co?

Shop Your Way – the next Sears Roebuck & Co?

…not sure about that title, but maybe it got your attention? Recently, Members of UX team here went to a presentation by Hugh Dubberly, presented by IIT. (Thank you both). It was one of the more impactful I’ve been to in years, and made me look at many things with a new perspective. I’ve found […]

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Soft Wear

Apparel, as a product type, is a tricky beast to sell.  In 2010, American households spent on average $1700.00 on apparel and related products. Just during the two Fashion Week events per year, 20 million dollars is pumped into the NYC economy. The amount of money spent marketing fashion is staggering; Vogue’s September issue alone […]

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20 Questions with Robert Dietz, VP of UX

Microsoft to Nordstrom, Adobe to Smartwool, Robert Dietz brings more than 20 years of innovation and creativity to his role as Vice President of User Experience for Sears Holdings. Most recently, Robert spent 10 years at the helm of a Seattle based design + build agency before moving to Microsoft where he led UX teams […]

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#TBT – Barbie at Sears!

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here is what Barbie used to look like in the 70’s. Look at that Go-go action! Look at her groovy bunch of friends. Barbie and her friends have been available at Sears for many years and they still are. She has come a long way and she has an amazing […]

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Pretty Darn Powerful: How We Redesigned our PDP

At the heart of any retail endeavor are products. In 2012, a plan was hatched to overhaul the product description page template (or PDP) that serves Sears.com and Kmart.com. Today, the new PDP is a responsive design that serves upwards of 70 million products across 16 categories with even more to come. It is flexible enough […]

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Retail Gets in the Content Game

  Fashion retailers, Sears and Kmart included, have been making huge efforts to build awareness online through digital content. What are they doing? Is it working? Is anyone reading? Here’s a look at five big-brand retail content sites.     1. Anthropologie Site: http://www.anthropologie.com/themagazine Last post as of 8.15.2012: “A Lady’s Guide: Seasonal Closet Switch”, 8.14.2012 Followers […]

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SHC Digital Summit

Attending the Sears Digital Summit today at MPG. Working more closely with our brethren in the full-line store marketing team will only make us stronger/better/faster, just like the six million dollar man (great show by the way). We are talking about re-marketing to consumers, leveraging cookies and serving relevant ad units based on the consumer’s […]

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