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The Shelf Life of an Observation Part 3: Users Are Changing

In part one of this series I explained that users’ expectations and behaviors change over time, and that any research observations related to such behaviors have concomitant “shelf lives.”  In part two I covered a major caveat concerning findings that relate directly to human cognitive limitations, which have a much more enduring relevance for any […]

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The Shelf Life of an Observation, Part 2: Users Don’t Change

In my last post I introduced the idea of the “shelf life” of an observation that comes from UX research–how long I can expect some behavioral finding to continue to emerge from subsequent studies.  Users’ expectations and behaviors change over time as they adapt to new technology and designs, and after a while a certain […]

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The Shelf Life of an Observation, Part 1: Users Change

I’m going to begin my first UX Sears blog post (hurray!) with a shocking confession: Way, way deep down, I have no desire to create wireframes, program anything, or make prototypes.  I can and have done these things, but they aren’t what gets me out of bed in the morning.*  At Sears I do the […]

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Feedback Friday @State St

The UX Research team might be small, 5 people, but they are very efficient. In one year, they can conduct about 150 studies which equates to 122,000 minutes of video of 6,000 shoppers. Tests of a wide variety – remote, in the lab, in the field – are conducted depending on the question being asked. At […]

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Getting Anyone’s Feedback is Not the Same as Getting Useful Feedback

If you have done primary research of any kind, you will be nodding your head in agreement over my next statement. We’ve all had our difficult research participants; the ones who don’t say anything out loud, the ones who say everything put refuse to put a hand on the mouse and show us anything, the […]

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Why Are You Just Sitting There?

I’ve written about this. I’ve shared quotes about this. I mention it when mentoring. And it deserves repeating. The best ideas come when you least expect it and you have to put yourself in that place where you can receive it. On the99percent.com, there is a great video that speaks to this, featuring Jonah Lehrer, […]

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User Research is not a Check Box

At my previous job, I spent a lot of time not only being a UX designer, but conducting research & reviews. I conducted user research such as facilitating tests in a lab and going out into the field and observing users performing their daily tasks. I also was also engaged many times to conduct heuristic […]

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A Building Built by Diagrams – Lessons on Process from the Seattle Public Library

Imagine this scene.  The Architect enters the conference room of his firm’s airy high-rise palace.  Dressed entirely in black, his assistant takes his cape and fedora.  Seated now at the head of a sweeping glass table, the Architect mutters something both clever and inscrutable as his throng of minions laugh uncertainly.  The Architect removes a […]

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So, let’s engage with an experiment. Now, I know we’re all busy, and that we all have important things to do, but I’d like to remind all of you that we do ourselves a great disservice if we don’t take the time to explore the unique research opportunities available to us every day. Research, it […]

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