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Useful and Usable

Back when I was in architecture school, I was introduced to the phrase “dead cat corners”. It was how our design professor described areas in floor plan that were basically un-usable, or, in her opinion, only a place to throw dead cats.  This was probably one of first time that I became aware that things […]

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Please Don’t Take the Name of the Customer in Vain

Your client says, “We are doing this for our customer.” Your response is somewhere between, “But, of course“ and ”Yay!” Then your customer continues,  “Our customers are visual, this visual navigation will be so much better.”  or  “Our customers told us they want to filter by these 25 different attributes.” You are just biding your […]

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Why I Want To Be More Like Tony Stark

  As we kick off a new year, we all naturally look forward, thinking more about the future. What kind of future are we building? When I say we, I’m not just asking about our team, or our company …but the digital industry …the web, mobile, tablets, desktop, the whole the ecosystem system we work in […]

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It’s Not a Funnel, It’s An Hourglass

Early in my career, I was a student of the traditional purchase funnel. But that simple funnel no longer has the same place int he hyper-connected lives of our customers. Marketing teams spend all their time focused on the top of the purchase funnel. Operations teams are tasked with taking care of the middle and […]

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