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The Plural of “Priority” is Not a Thing

pri·or·i·ty noun  a thing that is regarded as more important than another.  Let me just run down my “priorities” for the last five days: watch toddler (ensure stays alive), eat according to specific doctor-prescribed diets (confusing), design new gardens with very specific, city-approved, drought resistant plants (not a skill I have), select doors and mouldings, […]

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Your Big Picture Isn’t Big Enough

Let’s say you love grilling and eating outdoors, but you don’t like the isolation of manning the charcoal. While everyone is pretending to enjoy each other’s company over glasses of box wine, you are relegated to the corner of the pavers, eyes red and teary with a bottle of Bud and an apron emblazoned with […]

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Design Thinking in Your Career : an interview with Tracey Lovejoy

What are the chances that there is another Tracey out there certified in coaching after a few decades of UX work, another Tracey focused on empowering UX Pros to their fullest capability? Those chances can’t be big, so it was a hoot to find Tracey Lovejoy, a talented and insightful Leadership and Career Coach who […]

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Businessman bowling in hallway

Bowling for feedback

A few weeks ago I attended a project management leadership and communication class, given by Lee Lambert, one of the founding members of the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification program, which is recognized as the “world standard in the profession of project management” – so, Lee’s a pretty big deal in the world of project […]

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Improving Teams – Four Dimensions of Relational Work

A recent article from the MindTools website provides some interesting insight into balancing interpersonal skills on teams. The authors ground their comments on the four dimensions of relational work identified by Timothy Butler and James Waldroop: influence, interpersonal facilitation, relational creativity, and team leadership. Influencers are great at negotiating and persuading. Interpersonal facilitators are strong […]

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What Ritz-Carlton Can Teach Us

Two posts in a row on management! As part of my management training “readings,” I’ve listened to a presentation given by Horst Shulze, former CEO of Ritz-Carlton. He’s got some interesting things to say about what organizations need to do to improve how they work. “Elimination of defects means becoming efficient. Cutting costs is not […]

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