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#TBT – Halloween Costumes at Sears

With Halloween tomorrow, I thought it would be cool to look at the Halloween costumes from Sears’ past. There are still a few familiar costumes that seem to repeat themselves like cowboys, pirates, princesses and super heroes. Here are a few pages from the Sears catalog from the 50’s. Superman and Batman are still popular, […]

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Iron Man Helmet HUD Heads up display

Future of Vehicle Navigation

Surely, most of us whom have taken road trips in the past decade have come to rely on portable GPS devices.  These devices have come a long way, but are still limited by their physical materials.   Personally, it took some time to get accustomed to having a part of my windshield real estate blocked out […]

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Pattern Libraries List

“Patterns” in UX – what’s your definition?

              “Patterns” seems to be an en vogue term right now.  Maybe it’s just because I’m assigned to a team creating a Pattern Library here at Sears Holdings…I feel like I see the term everywhere. During interviews with our audience (employees), the definition of the term stuck out as […]

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#TBT – Shoes at Sears

It’s TBT time again and I thought I would showcase shoes starting with shoes from the 1910 Sears Catalog. We have definitely come along way! It is also funny to notice that shoe styles come back around. I have seen many of the shoes from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s make a return. Here is […]

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The Plural of “Priority” is Not a Thing

pri·or·i·ty noun  a thing that is regarded as more important than another.  Let me just run down my “priorities” for the last five days: watch toddler (ensure stays alive), eat according to specific doctor-prescribed diets (confusing), design new gardens with very specific, city-approved, drought resistant plants (not a skill I have), select doors and mouldings, […]

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Device Innovation – YotaPhone

Can you recall the last day in the past four years in which you used your smart phone only to make voice calls? Phone technology and usage has progressed leaps and bounds within the past 7 years. The first iPhone launched back in the summer of 2007. Then the iPad launched three years later. Since […]

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Off the Grid for 8 Days

I had the chance to go on an amazing vacation this past August. Part of it was an 8- day safari in Botswana. The beauty of visiting countries in different continents is that mostly likely they will be vastly different than your own. That is certainly true with Botswana. While 80% of the country is […]

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Motivation > Action > Result

If you have ever been asked to convince an 8-year-old boy to finish his dinner, which method do you think would work? A. Tell him “Eat your supper, NOW.” B. Tell him “Eat your supper, because food will keep you strong.” C. Tell him “You want to watch your TV show, eh? Finish your supper now and you […]

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#TBT – The Evolution of Music Players at Sears

Sears has always been the go-to for electronics. Since the early 1900’s Sears has stayed on top of the latest trends in music players, from the gramophone, to the radio, to plastic cartridge players, to the latest in Hi-Fi, Stereos, record players, portable cassette players, and now mp3 players! The evolution is quite remarkable and […]

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You can’t MAKE the horse do anything. Get your signal straight.

A few weeks ago I had a radical encounter. With a horse. You read that right. I’d been hearing about coaching and leadership work with horses for some time, so I grabbed the chance when I got a personal invitation to try it. The basic setup is that you get in a ring with a […]

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