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The Inigo Montoya guide to Responsive Design

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya, world class fencer from The Princess Bride   …   First, seven myths about Responsive Design It’s just flexibility in layout It’ll be cheaper to do It’ll be easier to do All touchpoints are […]

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  What is stealing an idea? Is it merely getting inspiration from something else, if so then as designers are we all guilty? Wait! This just can’t be – right? Some say, as long as you alter the idea then it’s yours. Ok yes I agree with that, but to what degree? Is there a […]

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Great Quote from a Book

“Creativity is motion.  When we spend too much time planning, evaluating, editing, and judging before we’ve even done anything, we’ve frozen, and it’s hard to move again.  We become focused on planning and executing the perfect sequence of actions that will produce a good, or at least an acceptable result on the first try.  Successful […]

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Cable and a HUGE Mistake

I don’t know why I did it. Perhaps it was the beginning of the Blackhawks season. Perhaps it was that new episodes of Dexter and The Walking Dead were coming out, that I could watch Southpark and Tosh.o. Perhaps it was because I was tired of being left out of the next day after premier […]

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Making Creativity Our Business

Meet Homaro Cantu. He’s the fearless chef behind Moto, a Chicago restaurant that asks diners to go on a mind-bending gastronomical adventure (otherwise called dinner). How so? The restaurant serves unexpected, science-based dishes like the Italian Biosphere, Kentucky Fried Pasta and their menu. Yes, Moto’s menu is edible.   Homaru was one of nine innovators […]

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Thoughts About “Mobile Apps Must Die”

Scott Jenson of Frog Design wrote an interesting blog post today called “Mobile Apps Must Die“, citing many of the thoughts I have written about in previous articles to varying degrees. Generally, he echoes some of the thinking around our defaulting to “defaults” when faced with paradigm shifts or “shedding old paradigms”: This is actually […]

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Eldridge Doubleday and the mystery of Des Moines…

“We are the music-makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams” Often, I wonder what it is that we do for a living. Do we create? Do we design? De we bash our heads against the wall, crying for solace from an uncaring bureaucracy? The truth is we do a little bit of all of […]

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It’s Not a Funnel, It’s An Hourglass

Early in my career, I was a student of the traditional purchase funnel. But that simple funnel no longer has the same place int he hyper-connected lives of our customers. Marketing teams spend all their time focused on the top of the purchase funnel. Operations teams are tasked with taking care of the middle and […]

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