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Motivation > Action > Result

If you have ever been asked to convince an 8-year-old boy to finish his dinner, which method do you think would work? A. Tell him “Eat your supper, NOW.” B. Tell him “Eat your supper, because food will keep you strong.” C. Tell him “You want to watch your TV show, eh? Finish your supper now and you […]

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Pragmatic Poet

Pragmatic Poet According to the Merriam Webster dictionary,  pragmatic is defined as dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories. And poet is defined as one (as a creative artist) of great imaginative and expressive capabilities. It might seem strange […]

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failures to success

Embrace Your Failures

  Prepare, always prepare. Take risks, but do your homework first. 8 times out of 10, you’ll probably fail, but embrace it. You’ll be better for it.     If you’re frozen in fear of failing, it is going to hold you back. One of your biggest enemies is fear. Fear of lack of knowledge, […]

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Old Habits Die Hard

I recently had the kitchen counters replaced in my kitchen. I was without a kitchen sink for only about 24 hours. During that time, do you know how many times I tried to rinse some out in a sink that no longer had a faucet let alone a working drain?  I was lucky enough not […]

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April Fool’s Surprise: Sears circa 1897

  Did you see the Sears home page today?  It looked similar to other days. But, wait – what’s that peeking out beneath the ad for tires?   April Fool’s!     How did this become a part of the Sears’ Customer Experience? To find out how this takeover was created, I sat down with […]

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Boring work is fun!

One of the first paying gigs I ever had was washing dishes at my parents’ church. It was one of those huge industrial kitchens where everything from the fridge to the counters was stainless steel. The dishwasher could do a load in about 60 seconds and when they come out they were so scalding hot […]

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Perfect Website Land

Good Design, I Will Fight For You!

In Perfect Website Land, design is simple and beautiful, with the perfect harmony of aesthetic and function. Content is relevant, wayfinding and shopping online is easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately, Perfect Website Land is often invaded by complicated content, making simplicity seem lost in a sea of confusion. One of the major challenges we face as designers is sorting […]

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Does routine really kill creativity? Or is it something else

I look back at my days as a traveling consultant and tend to think that it was the variety of travel Monday to Thursday to various locations that spurred me on. But, then again, I know that if I was staffed too long (e.g. a year) at one client, that became routine and non-motivating.  Then I […]

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Go Ahead, Look at Things Upside Down

As a kid, I used to lay on the couch and imagine what it would be like if the house were flipped upside down, that the ceiling was the floor, and the floor the ceiling. Getting from room to room would be more challenging that’s for sure; you would have to step over the upper […]

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How To Talk To People About What We Do

  Attending The IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference here in Chicago was a two day immersion in design thinking with thought leaders from academia and practitioners from industry coming together.  Each year ID hosts this international executive forum addressing how businesses can use design to explore emerging opportunities, solve complex problems, and achieve lasting strategic advantage. Following along via the […]

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