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Brainstorming — techniques in idea discovery

  Brainstorming is a way to energize the creative process of problem solving. I’ve participated in many sessions throughout my career, have also lead a handful and each experience has been wildly different. I would say most are time sucks and unsuccessful in collaboration, focus and clarity in deliverables. Some though, have been brilliant and […]

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Congratulations, Your Meeting is No Longer Boring!

  Here’s a list I cobbled together about refreshing the way meetings are run. Maybe this will help your team find new ways to be productive and present. Perhaps laptops will actually close. Hopefully eyes won’t. And your employees will not only be engaged but will look forward to the next time you send a […]

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Why Are You Just Sitting There?

I’ve written about this. I’ve shared quotes about this. I mention it when mentoring. And it deserves repeating. The best ideas come when you least expect it and you have to put yourself in that place where you can receive it. On the99percent.com, there is a great video that speaks to this, featuring Jonah Lehrer, […]

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Look At You Not Working

There you are with your feet up. Flipping through a magazine. Having a grand old time even though those annoying subscription cards keep falling out. (How many of them are in there?) Some people might question your commitment to your job. But should they? Procrastination used to be a nasty word. It was a term […]

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Let’s Go Topless!

  “Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success.” – Henry Ford Hey! Eyes up here! Take a look around in your next meeting or brainstorm. How many eyes are locked on you as you’re speaking? Are you hearing tippy tappys from happy keyboards? Rest assured, that person focused […]

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UX Copywriting Team Goes Disney

The UX Copywriting Team got together on Tuesday, as we do every Tuesday. Except on this day, I shared tips and lessons learned from my time as a Disney Cast Member. Particularly, those I’ve learned from my friends in Disney Imagineering. The goal was to inspire our team to look at news ways to approach […]

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Change it or Leave

Read this first In a recent blog posting, Dustin Curtis took a UX Architect from AA.com to task. Give it a quick look. It made me think about and question how people approach UX at a large organization. Where I’m coming from I can completely relate to Mr. X’s situation. I, too, work for a […]

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