Pho at Big Pho / Green Apple Grill – Lunch Favorite


A number of the UX team here at Sears Holdings have a soft spot for this place.

It’s a bit of an adventure to find it, which adds to the experience. Someone basically has to give you a tip on the place, or you’d never know it was there.

Want some of this?:


You gotta go in this building – yep, that’s a McDonalds

Go upstairs – yep, it’s a food court:

Most people refer to this place as “Green Apple” – even on Yelp – but it’s more like 2 restaurants using the same cash register and staff: Big Pho for Pho; Green Apple Grill for Korean and Frozen Yogurt.

Whatever your taste, get it at this register.

Pho is street food, and this environment is true to form – very basic. Take your number, grab a table and wait a few minutes to arrive.

Dress it how you want, and enjoy!



The lines during recent months indicate the secret is out!pho_line


Have you been there before?

Who gave you the inside tip?

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One Response to “Pho at Big Pho / Green Apple Grill – Lunch Favorite”

  1. Karol Czyrka →
    June 25, 2014 at 10:00 am #

    Thanks to you, I have been many more times than I probably should. It’s not the best pho, but it’s pretty darn good. And, a lot closer that Tank Noodle or Pho 888.