Mixeling it Up; a Little Reminder to Infuse some Fun

I have slightly redefined my role here at UX Sears. I now lead a team known as the Experience Frameworks team. We have a charter, thanks mostly for the work that  Tracy put into it. It is exciting as we further leverage our amazing research team and use their insights to drive our work around Patterns and Guidelines.


This team has been formed to bring tools and systematic guidance to the cross-functional teams that deliver experiences to the SHC members. Our audience includes our own design and development teams, our product partners, business partners and other engineering groups who are building or making experience decisions. Without such guidance, we lack focus, our process is inefficient, and our experience is inconsistent at best (difficult at worst). 


Empower our cross-functional product and merchant teams to innovate and deliver consistent member-focused experiences by providing access to member insights and data-driven tools, best practices, and guidance. 


Last week we had a kick-off meeting for our team. On a whim, I decided that the best meetings have really good swag or even just a cool toy. So, off to the store we went and found the ideal thing in a few minutes. Lego Mixels.

These “cute” figures were the perfect metaphor for our team. We are all about building a better customer experience. So, why not have something that you can build?  Also, if you have three of the same color, you can build another, larger (and presumably) better Mixel.  This is core to our charter – combine the strengths of Patterns, Guidelines and Research into something bigger and better than any one of them on their own.

Our Mixels

Now our challenge is to find enough of the other Mixels to build our super-Mixel. But, what’s a good journey without a little effort, right?

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One Response to “Mixeling it Up; a Little Reminder to Infuse some Fun”

  1. Chad Cline →
    June 25, 2014 at 10:12 am #

    A great way to infuse some fun to our “Kickoff” meeting, indeed. The mixels hanging around our desks is also a little physical badge or reminder that we are on the same team. The Frameworks team is already working together well in service of our mission!