Let’s Cooperate

Let’s start off with the best part of this blog post. Watch the following video.

count and cookie

The Count’s first appearance on Sesame Street

Back in 1972, the Count showed up on Sesame street. In this, his first appearance, Sesame Street again teaches us a valuable lesson. And, no, it’s not just about cooperation. What I love about this is that the Count recognizes what he likes to do (and what he is good at doing) and what Cookie Monster likes to do (and is good at). And that they, through the power of cooperation, can both do what they want.

How can I use this?  AKA, how do I justify watching youtube videos at work?

As part of the leadership team here at UX Sears, I have to be able to not only identify what needs to get done, but then match that to the people that want to do it and really good doing it. It’s not as simple as assigning people to do work. We all know that isn’t a huge recipe for success. It certainly won’t raise any engagement ratings. While you can’t always do only what you want, it certainly makes everyone’s life much more rewarding when you can.

Like the Count, we need cooperation as part of our daily lives in order to capitalize on each others’ strengths and deliver the best user experience.

How do you determine what you teams’ strength are?


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2 Responses to “Let’s Cooperate”

  1. unhappy
    July 3, 2014 at 12:43 pm #

    As a shareholder of this loosing company, what I would like to do is begin making money. Apparently, what the leadership team likes to do is justify watching Sesame Street videos at work, and then blog about it. Cooperation is when we both do what we want. That seems to be working for you, but is this leadership style really working for SHC? Let me tell you that if you keep down the path you’re going, you won’t have my investment dollars, and you wont have a job. Even “Count” wouldn’t be happy with the number 0.

  2. Karol Czyrka →
    July 7, 2014 at 7:46 am #

    I’m not an investor, but I’d bet in my field as a senior level creative talent and director of UX sometimes my work looks a little different than yours. If I guessed specifics though… I’d really just be making assumptions about something I didn’t know much about.

    And believe me, I feel your frustration about the company. On a daily, almost hourly basis I feel it. To everyone who internalizes the pain and loses money on flagship American company performing in a way other than it was meant to, imagine working there day after day and being privy to strategic insights and stressors not just as a monitor, but as someone with career skin in the game.

    We are crystal clear and serious here about the challenges we face.

    In fact point of my post was about teamwork, blending expertise, finding and unlocking talents to address those very challenges. It was about using what you have, traditionally and creatively to be sure, to do things better. Insights can come in the strangest places, even YouTube.

    I’m always happy to have discussions on topics I know about, or to learn about those I don’t. And I’d be happy to direct constructive advice on topics beyond the purview of strategic UX or team building to the people here who could best answer them.

    I’m also totally willing to talk about the merits of Sesame Street wisdom, or how letting your people watch an occasional YouTube video actually helps the work environment.