It’s coming, and you can’t stop it


In the 1960’s, Black Friday marked the kickoff to the Christmas Shopping season, when retail stores moved from the “red” to the “black”, indicating profit. Retailers would market their Black Friday sales up to one week prior to the day, alerting customers early and often. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, adrenaline infused shoppers line up in front of retail stores in the early morning hours, in search of deep discounts and screamin’ deals.

In more recent years, marketing starts as early as October and Black Friday is the whole month of November. One of the recent challenges for retailers is communicating the best time to shop, aligning product and price to their events, and competing in the market. So when is the right time to shop?

I’ve personally adopted a few traditions to get me through the holiday shopping season :

  • Create a list of who you’re shopping for, by October. This helps you absorb every holiday email and sale flyer with a focused eye.
  • Shop early. We all try to anticipate the best deal of the season, but if you see a good deal, go for it! Most retailers will honor the deeper discount on a previously purchased items throughout the season. Ask your local stores for details.
  • Map your route. If you’re shopping on Black Friday, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by crowds and traffic congestion. Who’s left on your list, where do you need to go? Don’t forget to grab the Black Friday circular on Wednesday, or visit sites such as for hot spots.
  • Don’t forget, there’s a price on sanity. Don’t negate your holiday cheer with the seemingly daunting task of completing your shopping list. Be conscious, be smart and plan ahead!

2014 Sears Black Friday Coming Soon!

What holiday shopping tactics do you practice?

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One Response to “It’s coming, and you can’t stop it”

  1. Karol Czyrka →
    June 18, 2014 at 1:29 pm #

    I set a price tolerance for everything. Therefore, I don’t beat myself up for not always getting the best deal and rationalize that I saved more money (and my sanity) by limiting my time shopping around.