GameOn Workshop – Listening to Our Customers

GameOn Workshop

Much of the the best work now brings the customer into the design process. How do we bring these unusual suspects into helping create and deliver good experiences? It is through sharing stories in a studio experience. Learning how to see the world through the lens of the end-user is about listening to the stories of the real-world problems.

Some of the GameOn team got to do just that last week in Joliet Illinois. Sears store #1740 in Joliet hosted the workshop. District Manager Ann White allowed us to piggyback on one of her quarter meetings with a dozen of her store managers.

We did some activities to focus in on one of the store managers’ daily activity. We then took the understandings of that activity and generated ideas of how GameOn might look like if it was designed to maximize that activity. We did some bodystorming on the activity with 1 team playacting and showing the room the activity going well and another team showing the activity going really badly. This generated some interesting content ideas in addition to some new possible features/functions. The method of doing two scenarios was very useful for generating ideas and one that I would recommend for future design studios.








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