Friday Gramar FUBAR


If you’re running for president – cough, cough, Mitt Rommey – and you release an app, I suggest that you don’t misspell America. While I’m sure he didn’t personally misspell it, one of his “writers” totally did. And for that, you are this week’s FUBAR.

Playing Interpreter

Don’t think there’s a lot to interpret here. It’s pretty clear what was intended. What makes it a FUBAR is the scope. It blew up twitter #withmitt and also spawned a tmblr – America is with Mitt! – in a matter of hours. If there’s one arena that’s more unforgiving than most, it’s politics.

Why This is FUBARed

Pure and utter laziness. This is a word that every American should know how to spell. A-M-E-R-I-C-A. Seven letters. Not hard to spell. It’s not Czechoslovakia (the Z gets you every time). With as many eyeballs I’m sure scrutinized every last detail of this, it’s hard to believe that something as simple yet blatant as this slipped through the cracks and went live. Proof your work!


I give this a 4/10

Small mistake. Huge implications. Not my campaign, so not my problems. Can anyone say Dan Quayle?

(Image via The Telegraph)

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