Finding Inspiration in Convergence


I’m inspired by startups.

I managed my team here at Sears like it was a startup. We see Sears as $40B startup.

So the other day I started reading the book “The $100 Startup” and by  Chris Guillebeau [@chrisguillebeau] came across this illustration. I’m a sucker for a good venn diagram. Ask anyone.

It struck me that whether you’re looking for the next big idea to inspire you at the job you’re at now, or the one you want to try next (which is what Chris’s books is about) we’re all more successful when we connect passion to value.

The whole “…follow your passion,” thing is crap unless that passion aligns with what people value.

In the enterprise, sometime you get picked for projects, and sometimes you get to pick them… but ultimately we have more influence on what we work on than we realize.

The trick is to be aware of what your passions are. Always be looking to exercise those creative muscles. You’ll be happier, you’ll deliver better work, and the world will be better for it.

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