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The UX Research team might be small, 5 people, but they are very efficient. In one year, they can conduct about 150 studies which equates to 122,000 minutes of video of 6,000 shoppers. Tests of a wide variety – remote, in the lab, in the field – are conducted depending on the question being asked. At the conclusion of each study, the researcher hosts a “read-out” session where they walk the team who asked for the study through the findings report. Other teams’ members are always welcome, but typically too busy doing their own work to join. Also, given the speed at which the work is done, and the total amount of work that is done,  other researchers don’t even have time to understand what their research colleagues are really doing. Even with a weekly team meeting, the best they can do is get a quick recap.

So, how do we fix this problem? It’s not an uncommon problem. Knowledge sharing is a standard challenge. First, after a long haul, the UX group now has a full blown, searchable, tag-gable wiki with the required storage capacity to hold the full report, headlines and videos. It has opened up the wealth of research data to the entire holdings company. Interested in customer feedback on our product details page?  Simply navigate to the wiki and type “product details page” in the search box and every report with those words in the title or content will be returned.  While it sounds like a simple solution and you wonder why we haven’t it before – well, for a lot of reasons that don’t really matter here. What I want to express that the wiki has really expanded the audience for the research. However, such a basic step wasn’t going to be enough. It is still time consuming to parse through the reports and find what you are looking for or just to keep up to date with the big things happening in research.

So, welcome Feedback Friday!  Feedback Friday is a monthly, 2 hour session where the research team presents their latest and greatest work. The idea is to rise above the single report, string together observations from a number of projects, and present to people who may have never been to one of your project read-outs. The session is open to everyone, present in the office and remote (thank you join-me). Questions and discussion encouraged.

As we continue to improve our ability to capture and understand the voice of our customers, I suspect the value of these sessions will also continue to grow.


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