Device Innovation – YotaPhone

Can you recall the last day in the past four years in which you used your smart phone only to make voice calls?

Phone technology and usage has progressed leaps and bounds within the past 7 years. The first iPhone launched back in the summer of 2007. Then the iPad launched three years later. Since then, our phones have morphed into all in one wonder devices that can be used for a myriad of tasks.

Companies are now clamoring to develop the next best thing for the market place. It seems as though the Google, Apple and Microsoft have plateaued in their progress with recent device releases. This stagnation was officially marked by phone manufacturers offering color options as an “innovation” in past months.


Dual Screen YotaPhone that uses e-ink for second screen.


A new smart phone company, Yota Devices, is launching a refreshing new device to the market. YotaPhone is changing how we interact with our phones while at the same time extending its battery life.

The device has two screens, one screen is utilized for tasks requiring higher processing resources such as streaming video, listening to music or using email. The other screen leverages e-ink technology. The e-ink screen is always on and is reserved for low processing tasks such as alerts and updates.   Yota Devices claims that the user can get up to 60 hours of reading time using the e-ink screen on their phones.

Currently, we have apps that utilize gesture based browsing. Apps such as Dolphin, a mobile web browser, allows the user to create his or her own custom gestures to navigate within the app. YotaPhone takes this idea a step further, using gestures to navigate between the two screen types and within the phone’s operating system. For example, if the user received an event notification in their email client, he or she can send the event over to their e-ink screen with a gesture.

The Yota Phone may open up a world of possibilities in regards to how we navigate phones as we know them today. It is exciting that a relatively unknown company has created an entirely new product to the market, thus opening up a new user experiences, both physical and digital.



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