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Soft Wear

Apparel, as a product type, is a tricky beast to sell.  In 2010, American households spent on average $1700.00 on apparel and related products. Just during the two Fashion Week events per year, 20 million dollars is pumped into the NYC economy. The amount of money spent marketing fashion is staggering; Vogue’s September issue alone […]

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Tools for My Fellow Designers

There are a number of tools and shortcuts available for folks in the UX field to capitalize on, making their lives easier day to day. Here are three I use to speed up my workflow and make things easier on myself when it comes time to get down to business. Air Display As more teams […]

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Perfect Website Land

Good Design, I Will Fight For You!

In Perfect Website Land, design is simple and beautiful, with the perfect harmony of aesthetic and function. Content is relevant, wayfinding and shopping online is easy and enjoyable. Unfortunately, Perfect Website Land is often invaded by complicated content, making simplicity seem lost in a sea of confusion. One of the major challenges we face as designers is sorting […]

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Pretty Darn Powerful: How We Redesigned our PDP

At the heart of any retail endeavor are products. In 2012, a plan was hatched to overhaul the product description page template (or PDP) that serves and Today, the new PDP is a responsive design that serves upwards of 70 million products across 16 categories with even more to come. It is flexible enough […]

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It’s All In The Details

Do we want our customers to find what they want and make a purchase as soon as possible? Yes, please! This article, (albeit a couple years old but totally relevant) speaks to the importance of a great Item Detail Page. “A great item detail page does two things: First, it convinces you to purchase this […]

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Putting Your Website on a Diet

Every Wednesday here at agencyState we have a design review with our VP. While he claims to be an engineer and defers on passing judgement on most aspects of design, he does bring a pair of fresh eyes to all of our work. One of his common opening lines is, “in a world where every […]

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Heart Mind

Subject & Object – It Takes Both to Tell the Story

There is a question that I ask of all UXA interviewees; it’s a question that I’ve been asked at almost every interview as well. “If there’s a conflict in opinion between the customer (or engineering or visual design) and UX over an interface element or workflow, how do you typically resolve the issue?” My boilerplate […]

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Personalizing Your Work Space

A cottage. An igloo. A witch’s broomstick repair shoppe. A theme park story-filled experience. A “webbed” site. These are just a few concepts I’ve introduced into my work space over the years. Why? One – it’s called the dork gene. Two – I love the freedom of expression. Three – it spreads smiles. Creating a space that […]

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uxSEARS Creative Reel

    We’re the Sears User Experience team. We’re a collection of user experience architects, designers, writers, front-end developers, user researchers and project managers who day in and day out work tirelessly to constantly improve our sites and our customers’ lives. We’re 200 strong. We’re the team behind the curtain. Easygoing and creative. Energetic and […]

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Spotlight: Rauschenberg

    Robert Rauschenberg born as Milton Ernest Rauschenberg in October of 1925, his Combine work in the 50s was referred to as Neo-Dadaist or as Rauschenberg referred to it as working “in the gap between art and life”, a term that Jasper Johns also was known to use. Rauschenberg came to be known as […]

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