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Pattern Libraries List

“Patterns” in UX – what’s your definition?

              “Patterns” seems to be an en vogue term right now.  Maybe it’s just because I’m assigned to a team creating a Pattern Library here at Sears Holdings…I feel like I see the term everywhere. During interviews with our audience (employees), the definition of the term stuck out as […]

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The Plural of “Priority” is Not a Thing

pri·or·i·ty noun  a thing that is regarded as more important than another.  Let me just run down my “priorities” for the last five days: watch toddler (ensure stays alive), eat according to specific doctor-prescribed diets (confusing), design new gardens with very specific, city-approved, drought resistant plants (not a skill I have), select doors and mouldings, […]

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Device Innovation – YotaPhone

Can you recall the last day in the past four years in which you used your smart phone only to make voice calls? Phone technology and usage has progressed leaps and bounds within the past 7 years. The first iPhone launched back in the summer of 2007. Then the iPad launched three years later. Since […]

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Motivation > Action > Result

If you have ever been asked to convince an 8-year-old boy to finish his dinner, which method do you think would work? A. Tell him “Eat your supper, NOW.” B. Tell him “Eat your supper, because food will keep you strong.” C. Tell him “You want to watch your TV show, eh? Finish your supper now and you […]

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You can’t MAKE the horse do anything. Get your signal straight.

A few weeks ago I had a radical encounter. With a horse. You read that right. I’d been hearing about coaching and leadership work with horses for some time, so I grabbed the chance when I got a personal invitation to try it. The basic setup is that you get in a ring with a […]

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Reminder: you are not your audience

I recently read this WSJ article about how teenagers use technology. My takeaway – a reminder that each of our life experiences inform our responses and actions when faced with something new. I recalled previous conversations with family about the content of social media posts effecting employment screenings.  For a person in their 60s, life […]

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Pragmatic Poet

Pragmatic Poet According to the Merriam Webster dictionary,  pragmatic is defined as dealing with the problems that exist in a specific situation in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on ideas and theories. And poet is defined as one (as a creative artist) of great imaginative and expressive capabilities. It might seem strange […]

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The Making of Meaningful Experiences

What is an experience? Years ago, I found myself struggling to define “an experience” in terms of design. Those of us who design experiences sometimes get caught in the 1000s of details and decisions that make up a solution, so I needed a definition to help create focus. Finally, I came up with this: “An […]

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Recipe: A New UX Career, in 3 Years or Less

Let’s say…you read Sam Rhee’s recent post. You know, the one that nails what you need to do for UX interviews at Sears to be taken seriously. Then you thought to yourself, “Oh no! I’ve never worked in UX before. What would I possibly put in an online portfolio? How do I get anyone to take […]

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5 things working in customer service taught me about users

            What follows are a short list of truths and guidelines gleaned during my time working in customer service management and designing service-related features at an internet retailer.  This perspective is somewhat unique here at Sears UX, so I thought sharing might help; plus “Top 5” lists are easy 🙂  […]

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