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Are you still doing what this Researcher wants you to do?

  Almost a year ago, when I ran this fun little influence experiment, I was able to use my jedi mind powers (priming) to influence my coworkers to prefer Kit Kat Candy Bars over Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. If you didn’t read that blog post I’d like to know who hurt you so badly to […]

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How this Researcher can make you do what he wants you to do.

  Which of these 2 candies do you think is more preferred? Reeses Peanut Butter Cups? Kit Kats? About the same? I don’t know the answer. So I decided to run a very non-scientific experiment on my colleagues in the San Francisco Office. But rather than just to see which fun-sized candy bar was more popular, I decided […]

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#TBT – Sears 1981 Tele-Shop Catalog Laserdisc

I think by now, you may have seen the ultimate in Sears TBT to hit YouTube. It was the first of it’s kind (and last), the first ever laserdisc catalog. The YouTube video  is about 27  minutes long and the poster was smart to fast forward certain parts, but this video is definitely worth watching! […]

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Brainstorming — techniques in idea discovery

  Brainstorming is a way to energize the creative process of problem solving. I’ve participated in many sessions throughout my career, have also lead a handful and each experience has been wildly different. I would say most are time sucks and unsuccessful in collaboration, focus and clarity in deliverables. Some though, have been brilliant and […]

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#TBT – Sears and My Little Pony

As a self-admitted Brony, I am happy to say that I really like “My Little Pony”. There is a huge number of us out there, I promise! Google it! You’ll see! My Little Ponies have been available at Sears since the 80’s and like most of the celebrities and toys of the 80’s have gone […]

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Homepage copy first draft for

“Patterns” and “Pattern Libraries” in UX – a call for terminology alignment

Alternate title: “…ruminations on where we are today” In my previous article, I mentioned a terminology struggle around the use of the word “Pattern” for our enterprise style guide – Sears Pattern Why do I care? Language matters. In an organization like ours, adoption / buy-in is critical. “Pattern” may have meaning to someone […]

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When Garbage Cans Get Dirty

I like to think of myself as clean, but not necessarily a clean freak. While I don’t like clutter, I also don’t spend hours on my hands and knees scrubbing my floors. But, once in a while I realize that things you somehow don’t expect to get dirty, get dirty. Like, the outside of garbage […]

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#TBT – Sears Thanksgiving Throwback

Whether you knew it or not, Sears has probably been a guest at your Thanksgiving meal in some way or another. Whether it be in the form of a platter, a stove or a new fridge. Sears had and still has almost everything that you need to have a successful holiday meal besides the actual […]

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#TBT – Halloween Costumes at Sears

With Halloween tomorrow, I thought it would be cool to look at the Halloween costumes from Sears’ past. There are still a few familiar costumes that seem to repeat themselves like cowboys, pirates, princesses and super heroes. Here are a few pages from the Sears catalog from the 50’s. Superman and Batman are still popular, […]

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Iron Man Helmet HUD Heads up display

Future of Vehicle Navigation

Surely, most of us whom have taken road trips in the past decade have come to rely on portable GPS devices.  These devices have come a long way, but are still limited by their physical materials.   Personally, it took some time to get accustomed to having a part of my windshield real estate blocked out […]

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