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#TBT – Sears Stores in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s

It’s that time again! #TBT and I thought I would search for images of Sears stores past and found some amazing vintage shots. There are a ton of sites, even some social site pages devoted solely to vintage Sears stores and even catalogs. It makes you realize how big a part of our lives Sears […]

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#TBT – ’80s Sears Commercials

Here is what our commercials were like in the 80’s when our tagline was “There’s more for your life at Sears!” Do you remember that? I certainly do. Check out some of the ones I found on YouTube. It’s incredible that people upload these still. It’s definitely a time stamp of what we all were […]

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#TBT – ’80s Neon at Sears

Okay, please don’t act like you haven’t noticed this trend is back. I mean it’s impossible not to notice. Every other thing that was cool in the ’80s was even more rad or awesome because you could see it in the dark or a mile away. ’80s retro is back and still cool and this […]

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#TBT – Men’s Sleepwear at Sears

Men’s sleepwear could be found in the Sears catalog since the early 1900’s. Actually then, night shirts were the rage. Pajamas came later, thanks to the British colonists who adopted the comfortable loose fitting attire from the Far East. This was in part due to the extreme heat. The pajama pant was brought over to […]

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#TBT – Sears ‘Mad Men’ Fashion 1958

It’s #TBT time! Here we have some very colorful Mad Men Betty Draper style skirts from the 1958 Sears catalog. Sears was and still is the place to get the latest in fashion and at an affordable price. 1958 fashion for women was all about color. Vibrant yellow, orange, electric blue, royal purple, emerald green, […]

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#TBT – Strawberry Shortcake at Sears

Looking back on the 80’s, we had some pretty cool toys. Transformers, Smurfs, Care Bears, Star Wars, Jem, Cabbage Patch Dolls, to name a few, and Sears had them all! One of the most popular toys back then was that adorable little red haired freckled, strawberry smelling doll, good ol’ Strawberry Shortcake. Here is what […]

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#TBT – Barbie at Sears!

In honor of Throwback Thursday, here is what Barbie used to look like in the 70’s. Look at that Go-go action! Look at her groovy bunch of friends. Barbie and her friends have been available at Sears for many years and they still are. She has come a long way and she has an amazing […]

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#TBT – The Sears Christmas Wish Book

It’s TBT y’all! Check out what the Sears Christmas Wishbook looked like when it was first conceived in 1933. So vintage!   The first wish book is said to have featured an electric car, all types of desserts, train sets, watches and even live canaries! The 1933 Christmas Book catalog started a tradition that made […]

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