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Why is Pinterest so addictive?

  Last week I came across this infographic  from Flowtown and Column Five (which I did NOT find on Pinterest, but I did pin to my Infographics board). They claim that Pinterest owes its addictive nature to a combination of Design (simple and clean, image-heavy, hidden action buttons), Critical Mass (satisfaction of the urge to hoard images and […]

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Ogg tries unsuccessfully to communicate with the Maria-tron 6000 unit.

The Knee is the Achilles Heel of the Leg: Thoughts on Analogy

My friend and I were at a Golden Nugget Pancake House a few weeks ago. After ordering the Denver omelet, she started talking about moving into her new, much smaller apartment. She was particularly unhappy with the living room. She folded her paper placemat in half and set it in front of her. She placed […]

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And then I crapped my pants

And then, I crapped my pants

I have a buddy whose forte is telling boring stories. We know it. He knows it. But by god, the man just can’t help himself. He loves the attention. And we’re forced to be interested – until we aren’t. At which point we all get that empty look in our eyes that’s not altogether dissimilar […]

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BIG Data

The buzzword of the beginning of 2012 is “big data” when it comes to anyone in ecommerce. As storage and transfer/transmission costs decrease exponentially, the amount of data exchanged, processed and utilized seems to exponentially increase. There are many semantic meanings of the word data in the context of communications. In ecommerce, data is that […]

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Giving Thanks

  Happy thanksgiving, from all of us at the nerdier end of the Sears Holdings User Experience Department, and the Digital Innovation Group. There are not many noteworthy saysing for Thanksgiving, which is odd, but I’ll leave you with this one I learned during EMT training:   Air goes in and out, blood goes round […]

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semper fidelis

a little random… is a content share site; people post links to sites, videos, pics of cats wearing sweaters, or sometimes just put questions out there. If the thingy posted gets a lot of attention in the form of upvotes, it migrates to the front page, which Reddit maintains in “the front page of […]

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What “remarkable” looks like

I just finished Seth Godin’s book “Poke the Box.” I am oversimplifying, but one point he makes is that in most fields ( especially retail? ) most of the players are “good.” Most of the time stuff works; most of the time associates are helpful, most of the time you find what you need, return […]

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Access to Knowledge (A2K) in the Age of Intellectual Property Part 1

Amy Kapczymski opens this extensive work about IP and it’s evolution with “Access to Knowledge: A Conceptual Genealogy”. Much of the focus I hear about the impact of the “information revolution” and the transition from an “industrial economy” to the “knowledge economy” centers around access to information and the exponential transition away from manufacturing infrastructure […]

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NFC and A Portable Identity

Ever since I started hearing the term “LBS” (location-based servicing or selling) and “NFC” (Near-Field Communications), I couldn’t help but notice the bulge in my pocket in the form of a device called a “phone” that was quickly turning into a “device” replacing almost everything I was using based on its ability to identify my […]

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data, and yummy cake

This is from ErinF earlier this week… describing very well the difference between data, info, presentation, and knowledge. : ) Happy Friday. – Pete

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