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Off the Grid for 8 Days

I had the chance to go on an amazing vacation this past August. Part of it was an 8- day safari in Botswana. The beauty of visiting countries in different continents is that mostly likely they will be vastly different than your own. That is certainly true with Botswana. While 80% of the country is […]

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Recipe: A New UX Career, in 3 Years or Less

Let’s say…you read Sam Rhee’s recent post. You know, the one that nails what you need to do for UX interviews at Sears to be taken seriously. Then you thought to yourself, “Oh no! I’ve never worked in UX before. What would I possibly put in an online portfolio? How do I get anyone to take […]

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Pho at Big Pho / Green Apple Grill – Lunch Favorite

  A number of the UX team here at Sears Holdings have a soft spot for this place. It’s a bit of an adventure to find it, which adds to the experience. Someone basically has to give you a tip on the place, or you’d never know it was there. Want some of this?:   […]

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If you like it put a logo on it

What does “SWAG” stand for – Souvenirs, Wearables and Gifts? Stuff We All Got? Stolen While At Gig? Spotted Whales Around Georgetown? Anyway you spell it, corporate “Swag” by definition, is promotional merchandise used in marketing and communication programs –anything you can put a corporate logo or slogan on, in hopes that the recipient will […]

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Charting Time and History of Sears

Working for the DIG or “Digital Innovation Group” holds a legacy filled with a history of “game-changing” and “disruptive” introduction to commerce throughout history by Sears Holdings Corporation. Since starting my work in this group at Sears, I have been mapping out on a timeline the history and trajectory of Sears as it maps onto […]

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A Heartwarming Tale of Incompetence

  Here’s a little story about four co-workers named Everyone, Someone, Anyone and No-one. As it turns out, there was an important job to be done and Everyone was sure that Someone would do it. Anyone could have done it, but instead, No-one did it. Someone got angry about that because he thought that it was […]

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Give in to your fernweh

We all need a break from our daily routine. We all need a way to relieve some stress, perhaps recapture part of our childhood when we remember being carefree and happy. According to the 2009 International Vacation Deprivation Study, commissioned by Expedia, more than 30 percent of Americans did not use all their vacation days. […]

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What works?

Is it better to work somewhere where you love the work or love the people?  I’ve certainly seen things from both sides. This time last year, I might have opted for the former…but now… I’ve worked in the arts where the work was fascinating and inspiring.  The problem always came into play when having to […]

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What Makes A Good Project Manager?

As I started to contribute to this blog, one of the things that I wanted to talk about was what the qualities were which I think make a good (or bad) project manager.  These are based on my own experience as well as what I have seen or learned from the project managers with whom […]

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How Smartphones and Tablets Are Fueling the New Age of Commerce

Every day someone mentions responsive design. It’s hard for someone who’s been in the industry for a while to understand the appeal of this new buzzword considering all the published works of many experts focusing on contextual design, predicting the evolution of computer use forecasted by the shrinking of processors and the exponential increase of […]

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