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Every head a lightbulb

Red Boxes, Fail-Con, and Imaginary Helmets: Lessons from Innovation Labs

User experience architects are constantly being asked to, “think outside the box” in an effort of create revolutionary ideas for their companies. Some companies have even created separate innovation labs to this end. These lab groups are encouraged to be nimble, fail quickly, and maintain a startup mentality.  This article explores some of the concepts […]

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If you like it put a logo on it

What does “SWAG” stand for – Souvenirs, Wearables and Gifts? Stuff We All Got? Stolen While At Gig? Spotted Whales Around Georgetown? Anyway you spell it, corporate “Swag” by definition, is promotional merchandise used in marketing and communication programs –anything you can put a corporate logo or slogan on, in hopes that the recipient will […]

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Shop your way - the next Sears Roebuck & Co?

Shop Your Way – the next Sears Roebuck & Co?

…not sure about that title, but maybe it got your attention? Recently, Members of UX team here went to a presentation by Hugh Dubberly, presented by IIT. (Thank you both). It was one of the more impactful I’ve been to in years, and made me look at many things with a new perspective. I’ve found […]

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Building a simpler mousetrap

There is a saying that I’m going to incorrectly remember that goes something like: When you are putting together an outfit, take half of the things you planned on wearing off, then take another 2 things off. We watch a lot of project runway in my house. With a site like you have such […]

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State of the Web: Flat UI

It’s hard to not notice the major shift in design style over last past two years. Before 2013 or possibly 2012 depending on sources, the popular design trend was skeuomorphism. Designers and illustrators crafted beautiful vector objects that looked so real you could almost touch it (on a high enough resolution screen that is). Personally, […]

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Useful and Usable

Back when I was in architecture school, I was introduced to the phrase “dead cat corners”. It was how our design professor described areas in floor plan that were basically un-usable, or, in her opinion, only a place to throw dead cats.  This was probably one of first time that I became aware that things […]

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chic on a shoestring

Behind the Storytelling with searsStyle

  Of all various aspects of being a designer, visual storytelling is one of the best parts of my job as Art Director for searsStyle—a fashion and trends blog for affordable looks. Our goal is to go beyond merely presenting a shoppable product line and create an emotional and relevant connection with our members. The […]

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Caveman and Computer

Cognitive Turning Points: New Patternalities in the Digital Age

Patternality is the ability to detect and make new patterns in our environment. It represents a deep instinctual drive to impose order on the world to make it useful, understandable, and survivable. All animals must recognize patterns in their environment if they are going to survive. Humans encountered several developmental turning points that required our […]

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Soft Wear

Apparel, as a product type, is a tricky beast to sell.  In 2010, American households spent on average $1700.00 on apparel and related products. Just during the two Fashion Week events per year, 20 million dollars is pumped into the NYC economy. The amount of money spent marketing fashion is staggering; Vogue’s September issue alone […]

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Recipe writing best practices

Do you cook much?  How often do you try new recipes? This month, I used two cookbooks that were new to me. Recipe 1: Savory – Pork & Coconut Soup by Stephanie Izard.  Recipe 2: Sweet – Rosemary Shortbread Cookies by Martha Stewart (ok, maybe a little savory too) I had a frustrating experience with […]

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