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Pretty Darn Powerful: How We Redesigned our PDP

At the heart of any retail endeavor are products. In 2012, a plan was hatched to overhaul the product description page template (or PDP) that serves and Today, the new PDP is a responsive design that serves upwards of 70 million products across 16 categories with even more to come. It is flexible enough […]

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5 Reasons Why Your Meeting Invite Doesn’t Include a Plus One

This is a very scientific finding that I’m basing on absolutely no science. However, it does come from observation. Heartbreaking observation of watching talented and bright people missing an incredible creative opportunity because they brought a pesky guest to the meeting. A loud, selfish and annoying guest. An unwanted tagalong that is poison to productivity. […]

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Congratulations, Your Meeting is No Longer Boring!

  Here’s a list I cobbled together about refreshing the way meetings are run. Maybe this will help your team find new ways to be productive and present. Perhaps laptops will actually close. Hopefully eyes won’t. And your employees will not only be engaged but will look forward to the next time you send a […]

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Art Meets Commerce by Thomas Hawk

10 Rules for Good Copywriting

Some writers love rules. All writers love breaking rules. With this in mind, I’ve put together some simple rules for copywriters. Maybe they apply to you, maybe they don’t. But the benefit of having rules is that they give you something to push against, to lean on and to inspire you to do better.   10 Rules […]

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Only 2 Kinds of Copywriting

There are only two kinds of copywriting in the world. That line, a twist on the one piece of dialogue that seems to appear in every movie ever, falls into the first category. Spotlight Copy Most copy craves the spotlight. It wants—no, it needs—your attention. The writer’s mission is to get people to look, to […]

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A Break from the Usual Idealism

For much of advertising’s history, consumers have been presented images of the ideal. Ideal bodies, cars, kitchens. The message was simple: you can be happier/prettier/better if you buy this product. With one purchase, you too can be the envy of the block.                             […]

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It’s All In The Details

Do we want our customers to find what they want and make a purchase as soon as possible? Yes, please! This article, (albeit a couple years old but totally relevant) speaks to the importance of a great Item Detail Page. “A great item detail page does two things: First, it convinces you to purchase this […]

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Helping You, Help You

Over the ever-so-happy holidays, I had plenty of time to catch up on some pointless TV and some fascinating new advertisements. One innovative spot that ran was from a phone company touting a new feature on their smart phones. Here’s what it does. It slaps your hand. Ok, metaphorically it does. You turn on the […]

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Once Upon a Brand

    Today I’m reminded of how much I love a good brand. A good brand takes you through an experience. An experience that envelops all of your senses and makes you feel a part of something. A good branding experience is consistent from catalog to website to store and so on. And I just […]

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The Bob Odenkirk Lesson Plan: How to Create Work that Works

Bob Odenkirk is a comedy chameleon. He’s been a part of goofy stuff (SNL), absurd stuff (Mr. Show), dramatic stuff (Breaking Bad) and terrible stuff (The Brothers Solomon, anyone?). Bob Odenkirk probably doesn’t have a resume, but he does have an IMDB page and it’s all over the place. So when he spoke at Energy […]

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