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If it’s got a hold on you, Let. It. Go.

Someone just asked me today “…but if you know you’re right, and no one is behind you, when do you give up? And HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH YOURSELF?” I knew what she was talking about because for 20 years I’ve had to let various design ideas, process ideas, strategic ideas go. I let them […]

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Recipe: A New UX Career, in 3 Years or Less

Let’s say…you read Sam Rhee’s recent post. You know, the one that nails what you need to do for UX interviews at Sears to be taken seriously. Then you thought to yourself, “Oh no! I’ve never worked in UX before. What would I possibly put in an online portfolio? How do I get anyone to take […]

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How to get hired as a UXA

If you are a UX professional in the Chicago area, you’ve most likely heard about 5 or 6 mainstays that hire constantly. That list invariably includes Sears. We are one of the biggest UX groups in Chicago, and we are expanding. This makes the hiring process a double-edged sword for me and my colleagues who […]

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I Dream of Focus

I Dream of Focus Like many, I have meetings to attend AND myriad project priorities that require research, thinking, and completion. With the advent of a culture hell-bent on information overload, the constant interruption of email, the de-volved brain’s propensity for seeking reward in the Facebook feed, and a seemingly teen-like need to connect via […]

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Finding the Up Side of Change

Winston Churchill said, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” Change is constant, within and outside ourselves. Few people I know would – without reflection – call it perfect.  It’s hard. Humans resist it. We don’t like what we don’t know. We don’t like uncertainty. So often at work, the […]

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Design Thinking in Your Career : an interview with Tracey Lovejoy

What are the chances that there is another Tracey out there certified in coaching after a few decades of UX work, another Tracey focused on empowering UX Pros to their fullest capability? Those chances can’t be big, so it was a hoot to find Tracey Lovejoy, a talented and insightful Leadership and Career Coach who […]

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