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I’m developing a workshop, with the help of some very talented people here in our Keebler tree at SHC. Actually, it’s like two workshops, both about blogging. The first one is “What is a blog?” and grew out of a desire to not screw up as we add more blogs to our sites. The second one will be called something equally grabby, like “How to write a good blog post” and will help our new authors get used to banging out witty posts.

I might jazz up the workshop titles a bit. “Jazz” being a good word here, because blogging is sort of like jazz in a way – improvisation and real life and passion along the lines of a theme.


The outline for the first workshop is simple:

  • what is a blog? ( this is where I got the title. heh )
  • what can a blog do?
  • elements of a blog
  • to not be a waste of time, a blog needs…
  • the structural components of a good blog
  • why do good blogs work so well?

Easy-peazy. Let me expound a little on the first part, at least as far as I have it in my head.

What is a blog?

A blog is a social media tool, with different uses and values and pitfalls then Tweeting, a discussion thread, a Facebook page, a wiki, and asset share, or an immersion. It is also ( as Seth Godin would put it ) a “permission asset”, a way to get peeps to opt into your conversation. It is a place to orient people to your brand, to introduce a human voice and to initiate some contact. It is the ( or “a” ) voice of the brand, and anchor for a community.

It is also “a conversation”. I know that’s kind of a tired way of describing a blog, but it’s true. It’s back and forth communication that has a casual familiarity, honesty, and openness to it. It’s not fake, polite dinner conversation, it is not markety-speak, and it is definitely not “a vector for deal delivery”.

Sound good? Am I forgetting any fundamentals of what a blog is, in my definition?

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