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I’m a native of Virginia and grew up in the Washington D.C. area. At 18 I headed west to the Golden State, where I attended CSU Fresno. I graduated in 2002 with a degree in English, after which I promptly got a job in technology. Over the past ten years I have managed projects large and small, across a slew of industries. I’ve worked with start-ups, within a digital agency and also had the opportunity to work directly for and with some amazing companies. I’ve been in Chicago since 2010 and with Sears since June, 2011. Outside the office, I am an avid reader and moviegoer. I stay active by heading to the gym (which I hate) and playing soccer (which I love). Online I get my news from Huffpost, a long list of blogs, and whatever looks interesting on Reddit.

Recent blog posts written by Z.

The Value in Setting Goals

My very first position as a project manager was with a company that could be called hectic, if I was being polite. For all that organization lacked in stability though, I did learn a lot about project management. One of the most valuable things I learned was the importance of goals to a project’s success. […]

What Makes A Good Project Manager?

As I started to contribute to this blog, one of the things that I wanted to talk about was what the qualities were which I think make a good (or bad) project manager.  These are based on my own experience as well as what I have seen or learned from the project managers with whom […]