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I'm UX/Visual designer who quickly abandoned print for the expanding world of digital. After about 8 years in the field i've worked on designs that fit in the palm of your hand to screens that get mounted on a wall in your living room.

Recent blog posts written by West Rhodes

State of the Web: Flat UI

It’s hard to not notice the major shift in design style over last past two years. Before 2013 or possibly 2012 depending on sources, the popular design trend was skeuomorphism. Designers and illustrators crafted beautiful vector objects that looked so real you could almost touch it (on a high enough resolution screen that is). Personally, […]

Tools for My Fellow Designers

There are a number of tools and shortcuts available for folks in the UX field to capitalize on, making their lives easier day to day. Here are three I use to speed up my workflow and make things easier on myself when it comes time to get down to business. Air Display As more teams […]