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I didn't craft malicious hacks in my dad's garage. I didn't start a band there, either. That's where I learned about cars, though. The band was around that time, too - but in my high-school's basement. The hacks came later. I was 9 when Unix was created. It was not until I was about 39, however, that I really started using and understanding it. I studied teaching, and practiced some. Some young people still say they are grateful to me for initiating them into the mysteries of the English language. I hope they are honest. I practiced journalism - and studied some. When the Berlin wall fell, heralding the demise of communism in Eastern Europe, I was spreading propaganda in English at the Bulgarian National Radio. Later on, a three-month gig with the Voice of America evened the odds. I got a Masters in Journalism - and became a Web developer. I wrote tons of decent front-end code during my 11-year tenure with Much of that code is still on the site, three years after my departure. At (a Sears site), I untangled a masterfully crafted net of Dojo, Prototype and jQuery, left there for me by many developers across two continents. was easier - we rewrote that from scratch. Well, not that easy - I did have to shoo back-end developers off my lawn. I'm with Sears Mobile now. We have a good team, and we've accomplished much for the past year or so. But the best is yet to come ;)

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If HVAC Installers Had Been Web Developers

If HVAC Installers Had Been Web Developers

I had to have my home AC replaced. I’ve lived with this thought of impending doom for years. My old unit was built in 1974 and its days of tireless service were coming to an end. Last year there was a hiccup, but true to my DIY spirit, I proudly diagnosed and repaired the problem […]

When leaving work, try not to run

Try not to Run

Someone posted this T-shirt picture on Facebook today. Translation from Russian: “When leaving work, try not to run.” Have you ever felt like you can’t spend another minute in the office and you’re running for the door at 4:59 pm? Not you? Yeah, right. As if I didn’t see you sticking your extremities into the […]


The Buzz Around Tech Buzzwords

I must have been 7 or 8 when I first came across the name Ajax – I thought fairy tales were silly, so I was reading Greek mythology instead. At 12, the myth was replaced by a reality: The Dutch team Ajax was becoming a phenomenon in European soccer. In the cold winter of 2005, […]