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Just answers: Associate Creative Director. NW Indiana. Two daughters. Musician. Spicy salmon hand rolls. Harold and Maude. Tool. 40k.

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How to get hired as a UXA

If you are a UX professional in the Chicago area, you’ve most likely heard about 5 or 6 mainstays that hire constantly. That list invariably includes Sears. We are one of the biggest UX groups in Chicago, and we are expanding. This makes the hiring process a double-edged sword for me and my colleagues who […]

Your Big Picture Isn’t Big Enough

Let’s say you love grilling and eating outdoors, but you don’t like the isolation of manning the charcoal. While everyone is pretending to enjoy each other’s company over glasses of box wine, you are relegated to the corner of the pavers, eyes red and teary with a bottle of Bud and an apron emblazoned with […]

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Sam’s 5 UX Pet Peeves

In my 1.5 million years in the Internet solutions industry, I have been everything from a business analyst to a Flash animator to a UXA to a creative director. I have done projects as mundane as a wedding blog (in exchange for a gift card, no less…never work for free, folks) and as grandiose and […]

Soft Wear

Apparel, as a product type, is a tricky beast to sell.  In 2010, American households spent on average $1700.00 on apparel and related products. Just during the two Fashion Week events per year, 20 million dollars is pumped into the NYC economy. The amount of money spent marketing fashion is staggering; Vogue’s September issue alone […]

No Comment

As both online and brick & mortar retailers look for more avenues to increase average order value, repeat visits, and margin per transaction, they are looking further and further out from traditional marketing. This is hardly a new trend, but now that social media has matured (or at least plateaued) and companies have established footholds […]

Heart Mind

Subject & Object – It Takes Both to Tell the Story

There is a question that I ask of all UXA interviewees; it’s a question that I’ve been asked at almost every interview as well. “If there’s a conflict in opinion between the customer (or engineering or visual design) and UX over an interface element or workflow, how do you typically resolve the issue?” My boilerplate […]

Communities and Abandonment

The Internet has matured to the point where its “history” is starting to become open to interpretation and there are entire memes, technologies, and highly-trafficked sites that have actually faded from memory. Geocities, Lycos, Mosaic, AskJeeves and a slew of others may have a legacy within other things, but the original flavor and intent are […]

Behavioral Inertia, The Other White Meat

Working as a user experience architect for some of the most iconic brands in U.S. history has kept my mind spinning as of late. Part of it stems from the sheer  responsibility I feel to the brands themselves.

The Perils of Reverse Context

I am one of only a handful of Asians living in my small Northwest Indiana town. In fact, there are very few minorities at all in Crown Point, Indiana (the town made famous by John Dillinger and his soap gun). There are many bizarre situations one encounters when one is a yellow M&M in a […]