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Director, Digital Innovation Group
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Director for Digital Innovation at STATE, digital strategist, pilot, husband, father, geek. A pioneer in the development of interactive strategy and content, experienced in creating innovative communications across multiple media. Dedicated to making integrated experiences a viable tool to enhance and manage brands.

Recent blog posts written by Rod Rakic

Why I Want To Be More Like Tony Stark

  As we kick off a new year, we all naturally look forward, thinking more about the future. What kind of future are we building? When I say we, I’m not just asking about our team, or our company …but the digital industry …the web, mobile, tablets, desktop, the whole the ecosystem system we work in […]

FEMA Goes Open Source

  Last week I had the opportunity to directly support the effort to help the East Coast recover from Hurricane Sandy. After what many now refer to as Super Storm Sandy, the Civi Air Patrol, (which is the auxiliary component of the U.S. Air Force) launched what has become the largest aerial imaging mission in the history […]

Decluttering Commerce with Slimmer Wallets

  A while ago I to decided fight clutter and ditch my typical costanza-like wallet. I defragged. I edited. I took the plunge and bought a front pocket wallet. My posture, and my back, and my sanity all improved. Of course, retailers, restaurateurs, club organizers, …well just about everyone I’m affiliated with or do business at is […]


  If there’s one insight from the Mobile Media Summit held in Chicago this week, it’s that this is an industry wishing like hell that it could stop dancing around playing nice, and just zap all of us in the neck with some sort of tracking dart. Really. It would solve all their problems. We’ll, […]

Finding Inspiration in Convergence

  I’m inspired by startups. I managed my team here at Sears like it was a startup. We see Sears as $40B startup. So the other day I started reading the book “The $100 Startup” and by  Chris Guillebeau [@chrisguillebeau] came across this illustration. I’m a sucker for a good venn diagram. Ask anyone. It struck me […]

How To Pitch Any Idea In 5 Minutes

  You’re always pitching. You may not be on the agency new business team, or not really be in, “sales.” But the ugly truth is that you’re always selling ideas. You’re selling ideas to your boss, your colleagues, your boss’s boss, your spouse, your boss’s boss’s boss… you get the idea. Think about this the […]

uxSEARS Creative Reel

    We’re the Sears User Experience team. We’re a collection of user experience architects, designers, writers, front-end developers, user researchers and project managers who day in and day out work tirelessly to constantly improve our sites and our customers’ lives. We’re 200 strong. We’re the team behind the curtain. Easygoing and creative. Energetic and […]

The Business Model Innovation Factory

  Thanks to my good friend Dennis (@DennisSchleiche) I got the chance to meet Saul Kaplan (@skap5) is the founder and chief catalyst of the Business Innovation Factory (BIF), a real-world laboratory for exploring and testing new business models and social systems. The meetup was held at 37 Signals offices here in Chicago, Jason Fried (@jasonfried) and […]

[POSTER] Ice Cream Is Coming

Game of Cones

  The most epic ice cream social invitation… ever. Nice job Ali! …just had to share.  

How To Talk To People About What We Do

  Attending The IIT Institute of Design Strategy Conference here in Chicago was a two day immersion in design thinking with thought leaders from academia and practitioners from industry coming together.  Each year ID hosts this international executive forum addressing how businesses can use design to explore emerging opportunities, solve complex problems, and achieve lasting strategic advantage. Following along via the […]