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Former starer and breaker of things, now wandering the earth like Quai Chang Caine.

Recent blog posts written by Pete Simon

Meanwhile, over at Myspace…

  or  What Tyrion Lannister and Myspace can teach Sears I stumbled into the video preview for the new Myspace ( this is perhaps the 5th “new” Myspace if you’re keeping track; haters gonna hate ) and my palms got all sweaty. Okay, not really. But that bell I have somewhere inside of me honed by a […]

UXpic: clarity

    . “Sign up now and receive all the benefits of membership!” ” ‘Like’ us for additional savings!” “You know… design it just like NetFlix does it.” “We’re focused on The Customer.” and so on. In his book “Blink” Malcolm Gladwell talks about a study where psychologists observed two people, one “tapping” out a song to […]

The Inigo Montoya guide to Responsive Design

    “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” – Inigo Montoya, world class fencer from The Princess Bride   …   First, seven myths about Responsive Design It’s just flexibility in layout It’ll be cheaper to do It’ll be easier to do All touchpoints are […]

the art of the brand

“All worthy work is open to interpretations the author did not intend. Art isn’t your pet — it’s your kid. It grows up and talks back to you.”  – Joss Whedon I like this for lots of reasons, but also because it seems to relate to brands as well. In the Olden Times a brand […]

Buying mom a hot water heater pt1

My mom called and left a voicemail yesterday. I tease her about leaving them. “Mom, Just call and if I don’t pick up, I’ll see that you’ve called and I’l call you back. No reason to leave a message.” I mean really, all my mom will do when I call is repeat exactly what she […]

Giving Thanks

  Happy thanksgiving, from all of us at the nerdier end of the Sears Holdings User Experience Department, and the Digital Innovation Group. There are not many noteworthy saysing for Thanksgiving, which is odd, but I’ll leave you with this one I learned during EMT training:   Air goes in and out, blood goes round […]

semper fidelis

a little random… is a content share site; people post links to sites, videos, pics of cats wearing sweaters, or sometimes just put questions out there. If the thingy posted gets a lot of attention in the form of upvotes, it migrates to the front page, which Reddit maintains in “the front page of […]

blogging about blogging

I’m developing a workshop, with the help of some very talented people here in our Keebler tree at SHC. Actually, it’s like two workshops, both about blogging. The first one is “What is a blog?” and grew out of a desire to not screw up as we add more blogs to our sites. The second […]

The Shopping Dead

To some, Sears has an image of being stodgy ( that word is kinda stodgy, actually ) and maybe not too hip. That’s why when Halloween rolls around and we do zombies, it goes over really well. Definitely something that flies in the face of brand perception.   We’ve won some serious awards for our […]

What “remarkable” looks like

I just finished Seth Godin’s book “Poke the Box.” I am oversimplifying, but one point he makes is that in most fields ( especially retail? ) most of the players are “good.” Most of the time stuff works; most of the time associates are helpful, most of the time you find what you need, return […]