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It’s coming, and you can’t stop it

  In the 1960’s, Black Friday marked the kickoff to the Christmas Shopping season, when retail stores moved from the “red” to the “black”, indicating profit. Retailers would market their Black Friday sales up to one week prior to the day, alerting customers early and often. On the Friday after Thanksgiving, adrenaline infused shoppers line […]

The Power of a Handshake

It’s been said that the handshake is a gesture that conveys trust and respect. The handshake is depicted on stone slabs as far back as 4th-century BC, where some believe it was a gesture of peace, demonstrating that the hands hold no weapons []   In many corporate environments employees face conflict, miscommunications, personality collisions, […]

Sweet Challenge : UX Cupcake Wars

The uxSears Social Committee is a diverse team of all-stars dedicated to the design, and promotion of, interoffice activities and events. Like a long flight, everyone needs to stand up once in a while to keep the blood flowing and creative juice fresh, right? Whether it be a potluck social, organized picnic lunch or a […]

If you like it put a logo on it

What does “SWAG” stand for – Souvenirs, Wearables and Gifts? Stuff We All Got? Stolen While At Gig? Spotted Whales Around Georgetown? Anyway you spell it, corporate “Swag” by definition, is promotional merchandise used in marketing and communication programs –anything you can put a corporate logo or slogan on, in hopes that the recipient will […]