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Big Data

Big Data are Humans

“The problem is that a math model, like a metaphor, is a simplification. This type of modeling came out of the sciences, where the behavior of particles in a fluid, for example, is predictable according to the laws of physics… In so many Big Data applications, a math model attaches a crisp number to human […]

Big Data

“Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?” — T.S. Elliot, Choruses from ‘The Rock’, 1934     I’ve been trying to wrap my head around the most recent buzz word resonating throughout the blogosphere, big business, small business, consultant jargon and argot, LinkedIn, all […]

Apple (a new era of fast follow)

I can imagine the conversations at the executive level at Apple post Job’s departure. Amidst ongoing patent litigation as their closed-ecosystem-proprietary-market-dominance slowly receds, someone got anxious or scared or both and scrambled for answers common in large, publicly-traded corporations driven to make quarterly numbers for happy investors: “The iPhone 4’s screens are smaller. Market research […]


Reflections on Innovation Part 2

There are way too many articles and books and blogs about corporate innovation. The graphic to the left points out that the word itself has become “ubiquitous” in US (if not the world) business and risks becoming a cliché (source: “You Call That Innovation?“). And, as I said in Part 1 of this series, there […]


Charting Time and History of Sears

Working for the DIG or “Digital Innovation Group” holds a legacy filled with a history of “game-changing” and “disruptive” introduction to commerce throughout history by Sears Holdings Corporation. Since starting my work in this group at Sears, I have been mapping out on a timeline the history and trajectory of Sears as it maps onto […]

User Experience & Generative Art Part 1 (Introduction)

There is always a lot of buzz and rhetoric about the convergence of “art and science” in the business community. At least in the 1990’s that was the phrase du jour. And I think what business (marketing) was striving for was that “empathic” connection with consumers or customers, a way to “captivate” beyond shallow sensory […]

Reflections on Innovation Part 1

Innovation is defined many ways by many people in many industries and in many contexts; therefore, it is necessary to start with a definition of innovation within the realm of eCommerce and interaction or “user experience” for the purposes of this article. As I close in on three years as a founding Principal member of […]

2012 IIT/ID Design Strategy Conference Recap

At the 2012 IIT/ID Design Strategy Conference a common theme for all speakers was the problem of how to measure innovation and new business models. Every time someone mentioned the term “metrics” the audience gasped as many, including myself, were all to familiar with the situation where a great idea is nipped in the bud when […]

IIT/ID Design Strategy Conference 5/13/2011 (Day 2) – Stan Rueker, Kevin Denney, Anijo Punnen Mathew

An inherent problem with the internet or “web” as we use it today is the blind transposition of the physical into a “virtual” or “interactive” environment using what Don Norman refers to as “affordances” as opposed to truly thinking about the capabilities, differences and opportunities of new channels, surfaces and production methods. A key example […]

IIT/ID Design Strategy Conference 5/12/2011 (Day 1) – Skip Walter

Skip Walter defines himself as a “serial entrepreneur” specializing in design and strategy. His “wicked problem” example centered around the discovery process in legal proceedings between Microsoft and various organizations. In short, the amount of paper documentation involved with many of Microsoft’s legal disputes were beginning to fill up entire floors of large office buildings. […]