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I’ve been involved in online adventures since the mid-nineties, and I have managed a wide range of web sites, from ultra-secure financial networks to loud and colorful blues club sites. I am a project manager by trade, but enjoy the social implications of the Internet. Actually, more than just “enjoy the social implications of the Internet” – I think the Internet and associated technology is causing and/or enabling a hugely radical and positive shift in human communication, commerce, creativity, economics, education and personal fulfillment – and it’s a fascinating to be a part of it. In the past I had a recipe blog, but it was hacked and died and I’m still sad about it. Figuring out how to restore the backup is on my to-do list. I have a tumbler blog that I update with nature photos from my newish (Android) phone and silly haiku just because it’s so easy, and I am addicted to Pinterest. I have a real life too, the usual suburban mom (2 teenagers) stuff. My contributions to this blog will be a blend of my observations and ponderings as a ux project manager and someone fascinated by the Web and its impact on the world.

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When our engineering friends recently hosted a Hackathon, the Customer Experience team was inspired to hold an “Ideathon”. What is an Ideathon? Here’s the general recipe: A generous mix of enthusiastic people from various disciplines:  UXAs, visual designers, business developers, project managers, copy writers (next time we’ll add developers to spice it up) Descriptions of […]

Businessman bowling in hallway

Bowling for feedback

A few weeks ago I attended a project management leadership and communication class, given by Lee Lambert, one of the founding members of the PMP (Project Management Professional) certification program, which is recognized as the “world standard in the profession of project management” – so, Lee’s a pretty big deal in the world of project […]

Why is Pinterest so addictive?

  Last week I came across this infographic  from Flowtown and Column Five (which I did NOT find on Pinterest, but I did pin to my Infographics board). They claim that Pinterest owes its addictive nature to a combination of Design (simple and clean, image-heavy, hidden action buttons), Critical Mass (satisfaction of the urge to hoard images and […]