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I observe people. I think. I enjoy performance arts. When I'm in a creative mood I paint and/or make jewelry. When I'm not, I bowl.

Recent blog posts written by Devin Carter

“What else?” and other magic words for getting users to talk

Last Friday I had some folks in the usability lab going through the latest designs for our Sears tablet experience.  We used the think-aloud protocol, which almost always means with a couple participants I had to ramp up the “so what’s going on right now?” reminders to keep talking. When people aren’t in the middle […]

The Shelf Life of an Observation Part 3: Users Are Changing

In part one of this series I explained that users’ expectations and behaviors change over time, and that any research observations related to such behaviors have concomitant “shelf lives.”  In part two I covered a major caveat concerning findings that relate directly to human cognitive limitations, which have a much more enduring relevance for any […]

The Shelf Life of an Observation, Part 2: Users Don’t Change

In my last post I introduced the idea of the “shelf life” of an observation that comes from UX research–how long I can expect some behavioral finding to continue to emerge from subsequent studies.  Users’ expectations and behaviors change over time as they adapt to new technology and designs, and after a while a certain […]

The Shelf Life of an Observation, Part 1: Users Change

I’m going to begin my first UX Sears blog post (hurray!) with a shocking confession: Way, way deep down, I have no desire to create wireframes, program anything, or make prototypes.  I can and have done these things, but they aren’t what gets me out of bed in the morning.*  At Sears I do the […]