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Bethany Lankin has been giving User Experience a go for about 17 years now, after trying her hand at graphic design, journalism, and Bear-baiting. Bethany Lankin's blog entries will likely contain references to transit systems, death, philosophy, unusual finery, tonsorial artistry, fairy tales, cannibalism, physics, time, space, spokescreatures, and desserts. Bethany Lankin does not plan on writing blog entries about the old west, tongues engaged in primitive mating dances, spry octogenarians, glorious weddings, the Alamo, indigo children, holiday cheer, or sterile operating theatres. She's old. She's bitter. She's fun to drink with.

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Every head a lightbulb

Red Boxes, Fail-Con, and Imaginary Helmets: Lessons from Innovation Labs

User experience architects are constantly being asked to, “think outside the box” in an effort of create revolutionary ideas for their companies. Some companies have even created separate innovation labs to this end. These lab groups are encouraged to be nimble, fail quickly, and maintain a startup mentality.  This article explores some of the concepts […]

Caveman and Computer

Cognitive Turning Points: New Patternalities in the Digital Age

Patternality is the ability to detect and make new patterns in our environment. It represents a deep instinctual drive to impose order on the world to make it useful, understandable, and survivable. All animals must recognize patterns in their environment if they are going to survive. Humans encountered several developmental turning points that required our […]

Say it with Flare!

Say it with Flare!

  Lens flare: The magical mistake. It happens when shooting film through a lens pointed into a light source causing an optical defect –rings or circles of light – that obscures part of the image. If you can’t come by it organically, most photo editing software can artificially produce the effect. And that software is […]

"What the hell is a goji berry?"

Gee, Your Store Smells Terrific

Having trouble selling your house? In my neighborhood, a popular home remedy is burying a small, plastic statue of St. Joseph upside down in your flowerbed. With enough prayer, the neighbors assure me, a successful closing will be right around the corner. But those who lack faith might try an old realtor’s trick; put a […]

Friends, Romans, Craftsman Club Members

Picture it. Sicily. 200,000 BC. There’s no Il primo course; pasta hasn’t been invented yet, so everyone is hungry and there’s not enough food to go around. Your clan meets mine for the first time, just outside of Palermo. Do we invite you into the cave for antipasti? No. You’re filthy outsiders, here to trash […]


Hotspacho: Why we Like Siri.

My cat, Rudy, used to go wild when a show with birds came on the television. He’d run to my Zenith and bat the screen with his paw. Occasionally he’d turn to look at me on the couch and meow as if to say, “You sure you don’t want in on this?” “They’re not real […]

We're more alike then you might think.

The Mind’s Why

There it is, pinned to an office partition near you, under the Dilbert cartoon: a list of user-interface design guidelines. There’s been at least one copy stuck to a cubicle wall in every office I’ve ever worked at after 1996. Sometimes it’s Shneiderman’s, Eight Golden Rules of Interface Design. Sometimes it’s Jakob Nielsen’s Ten Usability […]

A typical Canadian family enjoying a hot summer day.

Chesterfields: to sit or to smoke?

Many things influenced my choice of career.  There were my anxious parents and my best friends, my tendency to doodle in homeroom and the teacher that encouraged me to keep doodling, But the biggest influence on my career was something a bit loonier. Blame Canada – it made me a UXA. I am a Canadian […]

Ogg tries unsuccessfully to communicate with the Maria-tron 6000 unit.

The Knee is the Achilles Heel of the Leg: Thoughts on Analogy

My friend and I were at a Golden Nugget Pancake House a few weeks ago. After ordering the Denver omelet, she started talking about moving into her new, much smaller apartment. She was particularly unhappy with the living room. She folded her paper placemat in half and set it in front of her. She placed […]